Epoxy vs. Polyurea

Polyurea technology and usage expands.

Most people are not familiar with the term polyurea, or polyaspartic concrete coatings.

For many decades, Polyurea has been used on important construction projects in the Industrial space and even the automotive industry because of its extreme durability and rapid curing time.

Over the years, the usage of polyurea has been a well kept secret but as the benefits offered by polyurea become more well known, industries such as floor coatings and concrete protection – are rapidly growing because of it.

LYNX Concrete Coatings is proud to use Polyurea/Polyaspartic for concrete coatings!

Rapid cure means you get back to your normal routine.

Epoxy coatings are well known for long cure times and in some cases take as long as a week to return to normal use of your space.

Homeowners choosing epoxy must wait to put their garages back in order – or park their cars back in the garage to avoid potential damage to the newly coated floor. Polyurea has been used in the industrial space and automotive industry due to its rapid cure time, so when coating your floor with this material the longest you’ll ever wait is 2-3 days to return to full use of the space.

Color fading a thing of the past.

As more and more homeowners are transforming their garage spaces and protecting their concrete, polyurea offers something that Epoxy cannot. Unlike epoxy coatings that tend to fade over time, polyurea coatings are 100% UV stable and resistant to the effects of the sun. It’s important that the color holds and looks as good in 15 years – as it does the day the project gets completed.

Flexibility of the Concrete Coating.

Polyurea is a flexible material that allows it to move with the expansion and contraction of the concrete floor through the elements of weather seasons – without sacrificing its strength. It’s well known that epoxy coatings don’t have much flexibility because they are a hard coating, which means over time they tend to detach from the floor by peeling, chipping or cracking.

The bond of the material to the floor is mission critical.

The advanced technology of polyurea allows for its absorption into the concrete surface unlike epoxy coatings that have become known for poor adhesion. Epoxy has earned a reputation of peeling, fading and cracking over time. When choosing a floor coating, polyurea offers a strong and unique bond that doesn’t break down.


Polyurea coatings cure faster, hold their color longer, bond to the floor better and last significantly longer than an epoxy floor. When choosing a product to put down on your concrete floor, choose polyurea. You only want to have to coat your floor once, not many times in the duration of owning your home.